Leica M11 downsampling test with Summilux 35 FLE

Curious about how the Leica M11 DNG modes and it’s downsampling affects the image quality of the Leica M11 I did some tests.


The images were taken with the SUMMILUX-M 1:1,4/35 ASPH aka FLE at f2, ISO 64 on a tripod. Scene was lit with a cheap LED light panel and focus on the Rook.
Exported with no adjustments out of Lightroom, with no extra sharpening in dimensions “5000 longest side”.


At first glance it looks like there is no difference in sharpness. Zoomed in, the 60 MP has a bit more details, but it’s negligible.
Weirdly they are corrected a bit differently, that happend in camera, in LR its the same.

Combined image of the three megapixel counts.

Full Resolution Images